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Theresa Bader

Theresa Bader is a multidisciplinary and experimental designer and artist, based in Germany and conducting projects across the EU.

Her focus and interest is on topics that are environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and economically valuable, while taking a critical approach to art and design.

In her recent work she is establishing a new relationship between humans and non-humans, local and global resources, e.g. between the user and wool.



For orders, commissions, enquiries, 

workshop participations and requests please email:

Custom orders can be made on all pieces with an approximate lead time of 4-8 weeks.


shipping cost vary


In 2018 Theresa graduated from the Free University of Bolzano, Italy, with the Master of Art in Eco-Social Design. Her Master Thesis is an experimental 
research about local sheep wool in South Tyrol.

She completed her Bachelor in Interior Architecture and Design in 2014 at the Hochschule Coburg, in Germany.

Since then she has been working in a range of fields as a freelance experimental artist and designer.



2023    Cultivator/Performer for "Plot" by Asad Raza, Museion Bolzano, 25.03. - 03.09.

2022    Set design for "The Mirage" by Pinky Promise

        Set design for "Crazy Castle Festival" in Bruneck


        Performer for "Sentiero" by Alex Cecchetti shown at the Biennale Gherdeina
        opening 20.05 - 25.09

        "ZA" photographic print exhibited during "redah art grand opening" 
        in Berlin, 26.03.


        "meat" exhibited in BASIS Vinschgau / Venosta during "by Design or by Disaster"

2021    “Riding on Topo” photographic exhibition, Wiesenhof Kematen.  26.09. - 12.10.21

        "meat" shown at the group exhibition "" during Bolzano art week.
        24.09. - 03.10.21

        art direction for “Eden” sustainable tiny houses and permaculture development DE           collaboration with Turkey.


        “sheep under a tree” group exhibition with Tobias Tavella curated by Maximilian             Pellizari at Spazio Cut, Gallery in BZ


        Publication of “meat”, artstore  


2020    “IN/TANGIBLE” with Lisa Zellner for “Tangible Farm Ficitions” - art and research           project about the rythm of foraging on a farm.

2019    “wfyb” - “wool for your body” – a series of objects made out of wool that embrace           and celebrate the human body


        Publication of “rewollte” and “raw wool” in Zine by Sidewalk Bolzano 


        Exhibition and Open Studio at “Open Studio Progetto Borca”, Dolomiti Contemporanee


        Presentation of “Rewollte - eines vergessenen Schatzes” research and project about         South Tyrolean mountain sheep wool. UniBZ


        Publication of “Rewollte” in the book: “dispose reuse recycle” – published by               Mareike Gast, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle


2017    “zwischen Sommer und Herbst” got nominated at the 51. Hofer Filmtage for BILD-KUNST         FÖRDERPREIS BESTES SZENENBILD


2016    “Fleischmahl” Food Film Fest 2016, Bergamont.(nominee)


2015    “Bitter” Fotoclub/Puderraum group show. curating and exhibiting.

        Fotoclub/Puderraum, Berlin, Germany. 19.05.15


        “Blau Und Schwarz Sind Anwesend” Fotoclub group show. 

        Puderraum, Berlin, Germany. 27.03.15


2014    “Lucedisepersi” light installation. TOA Berlin, Germany. August 2014


2012    “life expressions”. LEX group exhibition. Frameless Gallery, London, UK

Workshops / Teaching

2022     "GO BIG" wool workshop

2021     “craft fusion” 6 day workshop at Hotel Amazonas together with Thalia Killer                and Julian Burchia


         wool workshop for "Forum Prävention"

2019     "raw wool" 2 day Workshop

2019     “making wool futures” workshop with muu-baa 


2018     “wildness” workshopseries at Werkstatt KIMM Kardaun


2017     since 2006 snowboard instructor


2016     “magicCarpet” creating a platform for exchange between citizens and refugees.

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