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wool for health
fair & sustainable
unique handmade objects

100 % sheep wool from South Tyrol

All products are handmade and out of 100 % locally sheared and processed mountain sheep wool.

Inside and outside!


wool for your body


Different objects out of wool allow our body and mind to connect, whilst having a beneficial effect on our health.

Read more here.


Cushions for Meditation and Sitting. Rolls to massage and bend the body.

Mats for laying and performing.

Individual shapes, colours and sizes can be made on request.

Please send an email to

to request your order.

Alle_Sarca .jpg

Thanks to careful processing of the mountain sheep's wool, the natural properties can be retained. 

All objects have good insulation and moisture balancing properties.  Furthermore, the coarse wool fibres stimulate the blood circulation and contain anti- inflammatory lanolin. 

read more about the properties of mountain sheep's wool here.

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